the language of the target audience

Previously, I wrote articles in German only. This is my first language, so I am naturally confident in writing and publishing texts.

But when trying to solve tech problems, I had to experience that posts or articles in German could not reach the technical level I had in the problems – instead, I specialized in reading English articles, which tend to solve my problems way faster than just German contents. This resulted in me altering my browser(s) as well: when changing the preferation of the accepted language (in technical terms: the content of the HTTP header “Accept-Language”) from German first to English first, Google (and other search engines like DuckDuckGo) presented the – in my opinion – better search results faster.

Realizing this, I made a decision: I will try to write articles about technical problems like my [tutorial for Syslog-NG]({{ ref . ( dict “path” “posts/2013-05-10-syslog-host-mit-syslog-ng-und-mysql” “lang” “de”) }}) from now on in english: this should not only broaden the reader spectrum, but also – hopefully – result in me writing (and possibly speaking) better English 🙂 “Personal” issues like [the new office]({{ relref . (dict “path” “posts/2013-03-07-alles-neu-macht-der-mai-ah-marz-1” “lang” “de”) }}) will be and stay written in German.

For any mistakes in the written (english) word I apologize in advance and hope to be corrected and not banned from writing any more 🙂